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The Mud Dogs began performing in 1998, and with thousands of shows under their belt, they have quickly become the premier variety-dance band for Weddings, Private Parties, and Corporate events in the Upper Midwest and beyond


Variety, Rock, Country, Oldies, Dance


Anniversaries, Awards Nights, Bachelor Parties, Bachelorette Parties, Banquets, Birthday Parties, Children's Birthday Parties, Celebrations, Christmas Parties, Clubs, Community Events, Conventions, Corporate Functions, Country Clubs, Dinner Dances, Festivals, Fund Raisers, Graduation Parties, Grand Openings, Halloween Parties, New Year's Eve Parties, Picnic, Private Parties, Restaurants, Reunions, School Assemblies, Weddings, Wedding Ceremonies, Wedding Cocktail Hours, Wedding Receptions

Q: How much do the Mud Dogs charge per night?
A: Please visit our "Pricing" page for more information on our rates. 


Q: How far in advance does the band book out?
A: The band takes bookings as far as two years in advance, although most shows are booked 9-15 months out.  (Side Note: April-September is the busiest time of the year for the band, so be sure to act quickly if your looking for one of these prime weekend nights.) 


Q: How do we reserve a date?

A: Please call (651)705-6408 to proceed with the booking process.  All reservations/bookings require a non-refundable 50% retainer payment to secure your date.  This payment can be paid online or via credit card payments over the phone.

Q: What if our event is cancelled?

A: 100% of the total agreed upon compensation is due by the performance date, including any remaining balances, regardless of whether or not the client cancels the performance. When the Mud Dogs Band are booked for an event they are often turning down dozens of other clients considering that same date.

Q: How many people are in the band? 
A: The Mud Dogs are a 4 piece band.


Q: How long does the band play per night?

A: Our shows are generally booked in 3 or 4-hour intervals, but additional prorated time may be added to any performance on the fly when needed...It's very common for the Mud Dogs to have their performance extended for a 5th or even 6th hour!


Q: Does the band take any breaks during the performance? 

A: For a typical 4-hour show, the band will take 2 X 15-20 minute breaks.  DJ music will be provided during these breaks to keep the dance floor going.


Q: Do the Mud Dogs take requests? 
A: Yes! The Mud Dogs currently have a song list of 200+, and we're more than happy to play any of them at your request. If the band doesn't know your song, there's a good chance we can have it available on our DJ style system to be played during one of our breaks.

Q: Can we customize the set list? 
A: Yes! We encourage our clients to have as much input as they'd like in creating the set list. Tell us if there are any special songs you really want to hear, or maybe certain songs that belong in the do-not-play column...Set lists are generally created a few days prior to the performance, so feel free to take your time while creating your customized list.  Be sure to check out our "Song List" page for any new additions.


Q: How far will the band travel?

A: All over the world! :) 


Q: Are there any potential travel charges?

A:  All of our online estimates include travel times up to 3-hours from our homebase, Saint Paul, MN.  If your event is being held outside that radius, please call (651)705-6408 for a more customized travel quote.







1. Cancellations

When people agree to hire the band, the band is being reserved and retained for a specific window of time.  This often means that the band will be turning down dozens and dozens of other willing and interested clients who are wanting to hire the band for that exact same period of time.  This is especially true with weekend dates that are in such high demand.  In addition to turning down other clients, there is also lots of hard work and planning that goes into preparing for events once they are booked.  As musicians like to say, "the actual performance is the easy part.  It's all of the hard work before the gig that really counts."  Due to these factors, all bookings are final.  Initial retainer fees are non-refundable and the total compensation agreed upon, including any remaining balance is due by the contracted performance date.  Aka, payment in due in full, regardless of any cancellations or if the client allows the Mud Dogs Band to perform.  Any cancellation by the client must 

2. Postponements

In the event that the Mud Dogs are not able to uphold their end of the contract


, and they are often turning down dozens and dozens of other people or companies interested in that exact same period of time.  Additionally, lots of time, effort, and money go into the coordinating, planning, and preparing for specific events once the band is hired.  Once a client agrees to the terms of the booking and submits their initial payment, the Mud Dogs begin this preparation and also block off the date turning down other interested parties.


 behind the scenes to ensure the quality of our musicians and the craft--This includes equipment upkeep/purchases and rehearsal time, and


This includes dates affected by force majeure events such as government restrictions that prohibit the Mud Dogs from fulfilling the agreed upon performance obligations.  However, due to the unprecedented nature of the current Covid-19 situation, the Mud Dogs will work diligently to apply any and all retainer payments towards a mutually agreed upon future date of equal value sometime within a rolling 6-month window.  If a mutually agreed upon date of equal value is not available, there may be options for selecting a date of higher value for an additional upcharge, or for a date of lesser value for a lower fee.  If a mutually agreed upon date isn't available, the Mud Dogs will release the client as a courtesy from any further obligations and payments due on the originally contracted date; however, as stated before, any and all previous payments are non-refundable.


Q: What about future events that aren't within the window of a government restricted period?  Are we allowed to preemptively reschedule those dates?  

A: The future is unknown, so even though a future date could possibly be affected by government restrictions, inclimate weather, or other acts of God, all contracts and dates shall remain binding...However, due to the unprecedented nature of the Covid-19 pandemic, we encourage you to call us ASAP if you're interested in possible pushing your event back to a later date.  There aren't many dates available, but it's worth calling to double check. 

Please call Tim (651)705-6408 with any questions.

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